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  • chevron_rightWhat is included in my monthly association dues?
    Lawn Maintenance
    Snow Removal
    Garbage Removal
    Tree and Shrub Maintenance in common areas
    Driveway Repair
    Wood Rot Repair
    Sump Pump Repair
    Roofing and Skylight Repair
    Plumbing and Drains up to fixture
    Irrigation System  and Watering
    Mailbox and Post
    Insects, Rodents, Pests control
    Eave gutter cleaning
    Exterior Lighting,Electric Wiring and Fixtures up to point of connection
    Building and Liability insurance [not on personal contents]
    Exterior building general maintenance i.e. dryer vents, wood pecker holes repair, periodic exterior painting
    Contracted Property Management company provides:
    • Provide budget review and advice.
    • Building the Association’s Reserve Funds for capital improvements.
    • Association accounting services, tax returns and financial reviews.
    • Association invoicing and paying bills.
    • Oversight of all vendors working on the property.
    • Co-owner communication and other office expenses.
    • Other issues related to managing Brookside Village including attendance at all board meetings.  Help conduct annual meeting.
  • chevron_rightCan I make any changes to the structure or exterior appearance of my unit?
    No changes, whatsoever, can be made to the exterior appearance or structure of any unit itself, nor the interior structure, without prior written approval from the Architectual Committee.  This includes, but is not limited to, painting or staining of the siding, trim, deck, or porch; window or door replacement, and structural changes or additions, inside and out. Request for Modification forms can be found in the Resident's section of this website. 
  • chevron_rightWhat is the co-owner's responsibility concerning grounds maintenance?
    It is the Association's goal to maintain an attractive residential setting for all Co-owners:  a setting that is attractive to all residents and those who pass through our neighborhood.  To meet this goal, the Association is responsible for the landscaping in the common areas (all Brookside Condominium grounds except for front and rear planting/mulched areas), and each Co-owner is responsible for the landscaping in the limited common areas(front and rear planting/mulched areas immediately adjacent to their unit).
  • chevron_rightWhat is Brookside Condominium's policy regarding pets?
    No animals (except two cats which shall be automatically approved) shall be maintained by any Co-owner unless specifically approved in writing by the Association.  In no event shall more than one dog per Unit be approved.  The application for pet approval form can be found in the Resident's section of this website.
  • chevron_rightWho may register on
    Only condo co-owners and properly registered condo renters may register for full access to our website.



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